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KFC Delivery & Takeaway Order Online

Menu items that can be ordered include KFC share buckets, popcorn chicken, boneless banquettes, wraps, and various sides.

KFC fans throughout London can now have their favourite food delivered directly to their door.

The fast food chain, best known for its fried chicken, has partnered with online takeout service Eat to offer delivery through its app and website from 30 locations across Greater London.

KFC Delivery & Takeaway

We are delighted to welcome KFC to the Just Eat platform and to be able to offer our London customers an even wider choice than before,” said Graham Caulfield, Managing Director of Eat UK.

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KFC Delivery & Takeaway

The menu items available to order include KFC sharing buckets, popcorn chicken, boneless banquettes, wraps, and various sides.

Currently, KFC UK delivery can be ordered in most areas of London. The food delivery service’s app is free to download but can also be collected through its website.

Just Eat, listed on the Stock Exchange 2014, takes a commission on restaurant orders from its website and app.

In December, the company announced it would spend up to 300 million pounds to acquire smaller rivals Hungry House and Skip the Dish. However, the deal still needs approval from the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA).

If you’re looking for free food delivery and, most importantly, fried chicken, you’re certainly in the right place. I found the best KFC hacks for cheap and free food.

We’re not suggesting you go to KFC every week (remember, there are healthy and cheap options), but if you’re a fan, make the most of this guide.

Sit back, relax, and drool over all the crazy combinations you’ve never considered. I’m getting hungry just thinking about it.

Get KFC For Free With The App

Download the KFC app and eat for free. The app has a KFC Rewards Arcade. Order from the app (or scan the QR code when ordering in-store), and you’ll receive an invitation to play to win a free meal.

You can play up to twice daily and win anything from a free burger to a bucket. Unfortunately, you can no longer scan your receipt to receive an invitation or download the app to receive your rewards.

Free KFC For Students

Pay £3 at any KFC location and redeem a free snack box. Sign up for Student Beans and get a discount at your following KFC location.

Just take your Student Beans card and present it at the register, so make the most of it while you still can and eat good food.

15% Off KFC Every Time?

When you go to KFC, save your receipt and take a 5-minute online survey. You will then be issued a discount code, which you write on the bottom of your old receipt.

Use this code at the register when you order your next meal, and you will receive a 15% discount on the food you order. one of the requirements to take advantage of the 15% discount is to spend a minimum of 5 lbs.

How To Eat On The KFC Secret Menu

  1. Chicken Fries.
  2. KFC Often Offers Great Deals.
  3. Making KFC At Home

Chicken Fries

There’s a first time for everything. Remember, you have to combine these secret menu items yourself. When you find your secret menu, let us know so we can add it. Until then, try these secret menu combinations:

  • Hot Wings and Free BBQ Sauce (Sticky BBQ Wings)
  • Mayo Twister Wraps and French Fries (Gyros)
  • Flamin’ Mini Wraps and Southern Rice (Spicy Chicken Burrito)
  • French Fries, gravy, two slices of cheese and popcorn chicken (Poutine)

KFC Often Offers Great Deals

In the past, these have included a 9-piece bucket for £5.99, a filet/rice box for £4, and a 10-piece bargain bucket for £12.99. These are often advertised online and on posters outside KFC branches and listed in the “Tiger Deals” section.

On one occasion, KFC offered an 80-piece chicken for £5.99. These deals are updated on the Facebook page from time to time—nine pieces of chicken for £5.99.

Chicken Tuesdays are the best Tuesdays, and if you’ve ever been to KFC and felt hungry, starved, and craving more, this deal is definitely for you.

From time to time, KFC offers deals where you can get nine chicken pieces (yes, nine pieces) for only £5.99. Few things can beat this bargain, both in taste and price. This deal isn’t always available, so checking their website is best to avoid disappointment.

Making KFC At Home

It may sound complicated, but making KFC at home is relatively easy and convenient. Grab a bag of nuggets/crispy chicken and a bag of fries from the frozen food section, and while you won’t recreate the exact taste of KFC, you can satisfy your cravings for under five pounds.

Plus, you can add corn, barbecue sauce, and mayo. And if you want to try other takeout options but want to avoid paying a fortune, you can make your own at home.

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