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KFC Menu & Prices For Today

Hello! guys. Are you searching for the KFC menu and price details? Then you are in the right place. I know KFC is a beautiful place for chicken lovers.

But we know you need help to get all the details about KFC menu items and their costs. That’s why we are here to assist you.

Here, I explained the prices of the KFC menu items. There are 136 different items on the KFC menu. The menu mainly consists of fried chicken; the most famous dish is hot wings.

KFC Menu & Prices
KFC Menu & Fries

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KFC UK Menu & Prices

There are also many other dishes that you might enjoy. Here, you can easily find all the details and the recent prices for today at KFC UK. Costs updated in the price list in 2023.

  1. Burgers.
  2. KFC Vegetarian Menu.
  3. Buckets.
  4. Box Meals.
  5. Chicken KFC.
  6. Twister Wraps.
  7. Riceboxes & Salads.
  8. Snacking.
  9. Coffee & Tea
  10. Side Dish.
  11. Drinks.

Here are the KFC Menu UK Complete Details Available. You can check below to get more information.


A famous item on the KFC menu. Quickly satisfies hunger at a low price. Yes! Guys, those are the tastiest Burgers. Please follow the information below to know the details and prices of Burgers.

KFC Vegetarian Menu

Colonel Sanders has created a special vegetarian menu for those particular about food. This menu includes a plant-based Quorn fillet instead of a chicken one.

KFC is not only for chicken lovers but also vegetarians. Please follow the details below for more information on the vegetarian menu and prices.


You’ll find a Bucket for one or a big company you can share here. Buckets contain crispy chicken, chicken popcorn, fries, and a tasty side dish.

Pick your favourite at a bargain price. We know your mouth is watering. The simple step is to check the information below for the details and prices of KFC Buckets.

Box Meals

The packaging makes this combo comfortable to carry, and the combination of items will satisfy even the fuss. Why are you waiting? Please follow the steps below for more information.

Chicken KFC

Pick your favourite chicken made from unique dishes at KFC. We know you love chicken. Please follow the details below to see the menu items and prices of Chicken KFC.

Twister Wraps

A famous item at KFC! After all, it’s a chicken fillet with fresh vegetables covered in a toasted tortilla and crowned with a signature sauce.

Wow! It sounds amazing. Please visit the details below for more information.

Riceboxes & Salads

A packed lunch of rice, chicken filet and salad will give you all-day energy, and a side dish of your favourite will diversify your meals for the week.

Please check the menu and prices of Rice boxes and Salads below.


Combo sets are on the menu for an effortless snack for kids and adults. Let’s check it out.

Side Dish

Side Dishes serve as a great complement to a main course. Please follow the details below for more information.


Who doesn’t love desserts? KFC’s menu features tasty desserts. Please follow the details below for the most delicious desserts.

Kids Bucket

There’s a particular bucket designed for kids that every child would enjoy. Please follow the steps below for more details.

Coffee & Tea

Fantastic ground Arabica coffee and flavoured tea at reasonable prices. Please check the details below.


Drinks are always unique. Choose your drink from KFC. Let’s check it out…

Menu expenses have been checked in London, Leeds, Glasgow, Belfast, Birmingham, Sheffield, Bradford, Edinburgh, Manchester, Liverpool, Bristol, Wakefield, Cardiff and Coventry. Also reasonable in other cities.


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