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YourKfc.Co.Uk – KFC Customer Satisfaction Survey 2024

Welcome to the KFC Great Britain Guest Experience Survey 2024. Please share your feedback about your recent visit to the KFC Great Britain (UK) restaurant here.

Complete the KFC Great Britain Feedback Survey at Www.YourKfc.Co.Uk & win a 15% discount voucher, which you can use on your next visit.

Your feedback at Yourkfc.Co.Uk will help the restaurant’s team (KFC Great Britain) provide excellent service on your future KFC restaurant visits.

KFC Great Britain customer survey

KFC Great Britain Wants To Hear About Your Experience

KFC Great Britain is one of the leading restaurant chains in the United Kingdom, and R.O.I. It is getting a decent competition from the McDonald’s & Burger King.

To be number one, it is looking to collect details from its customers. The simple way to get feedback from its customers is a survey contest. So, the team of KFC Great Britain is conducting a customer satisfaction survey.

Thus, all the customers are requested to share their honest opinions at

Provide your honest opinions within nine days of purchasing any item at KFC restaurant. Thus, win an excellent chance to get a discount coupon of 15% OFF.

With the survey contest at, all the customers will benefit from the reward prizes. In addition to it, the KFC company will benefit by getting all the positive and negative reviews.

Redeem YourKfc.Co.Uk 15% Discount Voucher Within 14 Days.

Win 15% OFF Or SNACK or Side On Us With KFC Survey.

KFC is abbreviated as Kentucky Fried Chicken, and it is a Chinese-American fast food restaurant. It stands as the second-largest restaurant chain in the world (the first is McDonald’s).

As per the report in 2013, KFC has more than 784 outlets in the United Kingdom. So, to improve the restaurant’s sales further, the company is collecting feedback from their loyal customers.

To share feedback on the KFC Britain Customer Survey, visit the KFC Survey website at Yourkfc.Co.Uk. The primary intent of collecting customer opinions is to know the pros and cons.

Note: A purchase is compulsory to begin the KFC Survey of Britain.

So, it is advised to participate in the survey as soon as you receive the receipt;

Access the KFC Survey link from the above link.

All KFC Great Britain customers must visit the official survey portal (YourKfc.Co.Uk) within nine days of receipt received.

Survey Rules

  1. Every participant must be a resident of the United Kingdom.
  2. A purchase is necessary. & all the survey members must be 18 or older.
  3. One must carry the receipt to start the KFC survey.
  4. All your survey rewards are neither transferable nor sold.
  5. Further, any other promotions and prizes are not combined.
  6. Every participant has to redeem the prize before the offer expires.
  7. There are no refunds once the prize is redeemed.

KFC Survey Details

KFC Great Britain Customer Satisfaction Survey details are below; read them.

Survey URL: or
Official Site:
Sponsored Company:KFC Great Britain Inc.,
Age Limit:18 & Above
Available Locations:United Kingdom
Receipt Validity For:09 Days
Prize:Win a 15% Discount Voucher On Your Next Visit
Coupon Valid For:30 Days
Entry Limit:Once Every 30 Days
Entry Method:Online Survey
Is a purchase necessary:Yes
Winner Selection Mode:Every Successful Survey Completion Is A Winner
Details The Participant Needs For Entry Into The Kfc Survey

YourKfc.Co.Uk Survey Overview – Enter Now

Yourkfc.Co.Uk is a survey portal for loyal KFC Great Britain customers. KFC restaurant always looks for the well-being of its visitors. To improve their stand even more, they established a web portal to receive opinions from the customers.

To visit the survey portal, every person must carry his or her purchase receipt.

Below is the sample receipt of the KFC restaurant; your receipt looks similar.

Great Britain sample receipt
Britain KFC Sample Receipt
  1. You are not allowed to begin the KFC Survey without the receipt.
  2. To start the Kfc survey at, kindly visit the survey portal within nine days of receipt.

Did The KFC Survey Page Change?

KFC Survey Page pattern has changed. Here is what the new KFC Survey homepage looks like.

KFC Great Britain Survey Page
KFC UK Survey Page

The homepage says that you will get a Discount Coupon Of 15% Off or SNACK or Side on us by providing feedback. Like the old KFC survey page, you must enter the Location ID (Store Number), Transaction ID, and Order Date/Time.

While filling in the survey entry details in the older format of the kfc survey page, the only difference is that you must enter both the time and date on the older survey homepage. You can join with either date or time on the newer kfc listens survey page.

Further, the KFC Listens survey page also says it won’t take more than 3 minutes to complete. At the end of the survey (after submitting your answers), you are likely to confirm your email address to receive the offer code.

The New Survey Page Link is given below.

Important: Within 30 days, you are eligible for one offer code.

Survey URL:

The survey steps are the same; you can follow them from the steps below.

How To Take YourKfc Survey Online?

The KFC Survey page sometimes redirects to a new page, where a new type of receipt and home page will appear. So, I will explain both the way to enter the KFC Great Britain Survey Contest.

KFC Survey Page (Older Version)

Hold your receipt in your hand before moving further. survey page
YourKfc.Co.Uk – KFC Survey Page
  1. Open a web browser from your smartphone & access the survey portal at Yourkfc.Co.Uk.
  2. Enter the 5-digit store number, date, time of the store visit, & order number.
  3. Now, hit on the “Continue” button.
  4. Further, you will encounter some questions about the cleanliness of the restaurant, quality of the food, taste, price discounts, quickness of service, & more.
  5. Try to answer them as honestly as you can.
  6. Submit your responses.
  7. Now, you will see a validation code on the screen. Please enter it on your receipt & show the ticket on your next KFC restaurant visit.

Congratulations, you now receive a discount coupon of 15% off. Redeem the coupon prize on your next restaurant visit during checkout time.

KFC Survey Page (Newer Version)

Take the receipt handy and start the KFC Survey 2024.

Here is the new survey page, which you might see from now onwards.

KFC great Britain new survey page look
KFC UK New Survey Page
  1. Visit the official survey portal.
  2. Take the receipt handy, and enter details like Location ID, Transaction ID, and order Date/Time.
  3. Answer all the questions which you encountered.
  4. Submit all your answers.
  5. After this, you will get the validation code on the screen. Note it down on your receipt.
  6. Show your receipt + validation code on your next visit to redeem the prize of SNACK or Side on us.

About KFC

KFC is the world’s second-largest restaurant chain per sales; the first is McDonald’s. It is an American fast-food restaurant chain, and its headquarters is in Louisville, Kentucky.

It specializes in fried chicken. As per the 2019 report, it has more than 22,621 locations globally in 150 countries. Harland Sanders is the founder of the KFC restaurant, which he established in 1930.

The famous chicken dishes at KFC restaurant are grilled chicken, chicken sandwiches, fried chicken, mashed potatoes and biscuits, chicken strips, popcorn chicken, and sides like coleslaw. KFC also offers soft drinks, desserts, and other beverages.

KFC is present in almost 140 countries & territories worldwide. It has more than 24,000 locations globally. The Yum company owns KFC, Pizza Hut, and Taco Bell.

KFC UK Official website:

Frequently Asked Questions

These are some of the common questions everyone encounters.

  1. What is the KFC Great Britain Customer Satisfaction Survey?
  2. How can I participate in the YourKfc Survey Contest?
  3. What kind of questions can I expect in the Great Britain customer satisfaction Survey?
  4. Can I participate in the survey without a receipt?
  5. How long does the Kfc survey take to complete?
  6. What rewards can I get for participating in the KFC Great Britain guest experience survey?

What Is The KFC Great Britain Customer Satisfaction Survey?

Yourkfc is the guest experience survey conducted by the officials of the KFC of Great Britain. The only intention for conducting the KFC Survey is to collect different opinions from customers.

How Can I Participate In The YourKfc Survey Contest?

Every individual can participate in the Yourkfc guest experience survey at website. Please be conscious that you must visit the portal within nine days of receiving a receipt.

What Kind Of Questions Can I Expect In The Great Britain Customer Satisfaction Survey?

All the questions you get are about your experience at the restaurant, like restaurant neatness, item quality, item price, fastness of the service, & more.

Can I Participate In The YourKfc.Co.Uk Survey Without A Receipt?

No, you are not allowed to participate without the receipt.

How Long Does The Kfc Survey Take To Complete?

It hardly takes five minutes to complete the KFC survey.

What Rewards Can I Get For Participating In The KFC Great Britain Guest Experience Survey?

After submitting your questions, you are rewarded with a 15% OFF Coupon (Discount Voucher)

How To Avail YourKfc.Co.Uk 15 Discount Voucher?

At the end of the survey, you will get a 4-digit validation code, not it on the receipt. Show the validation code to the restaurant team on your next visit. At the time of checkout, you will get a discount of 15% on your total bill.

Reference: YourKfc.Co.UK.

34 thoughts on “YourKfc.Co.Uk – KFC Customer Satisfaction Survey 2024”

  1. I wanted to give a big shout-out and thank you to Shakira for being presentable, polite, and helpful as always. I received prompt service, and Shakira helped me with my order, which she always did. The food arrived quickly and was excellent. It’s always a great experience at this restaurant. So, thanks.

  2. Good food. It’s always my pleasure to eat there. Kudos. Keep it up. The food was good and fast, and Elena was very friendly at the counter.

  3. Dylan at the Southport branch was so lovely. Very professional helped me with my drink when it didn’t taste great and got me a new one, which did. The department can have issues with anti-social behavior from local youths, but the staff are still smiling and upbeat. You still feel safe. You should be proud of your Southport staff smiling through the storm! I needed to leave this feedback, and I hope the team gets rewarded for their hard work and excellent customer service!

  4. I’ve used my app five times in-store, and the kiosk does not ask me to scan my QR code to redeem rewards, so I’ve lost out. I believe.

  5. Food was only warm and not hot. My gravy was only half full, and the hash brown was missing from my zinger tower burger. However, as always, my daughters and I enjoyed it. The new Fries are epic.

  6. Excellent service from friendly staff; I have only one complaint: I wouldn’t say I like the chips with all the salt on as I cannot have salt, which should be taken into consideration by other customers.

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