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Fries At KFC [Updated Info]

The fries were in the familiar fist-sized container. As noted above, they were warm when delivered but did not have the crispiness of the chain’s prized chicken.

One reason for this may be the weight. Instead of being thin, greasy and starchy, each fry was almost as thick as my little finger.

I didn’t dislike the taste of these fries, but my roommate and I frowned for a while. After the first bite, I realised that these fries needed more salt.

Fries At KFC

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Fries At KFC – New KFC Signature Fries

Two seconds after the fried vegetables reached my taste buds, I could taste the herbs, but ultimately, my body wanted more.

Perhaps KFC needs to go deeper into the smoky, diverse fried chicken flavours and remember the essence of fries: salt.

We need more time to debate the merits of new flavours and shapes when the basis of an excellent French fry is the perfect balance of oil and salt.

All my colleagues are unanimous in their opinion that whatever secrets are in the ‘secret recipe’, KFC’s fries do not contribute to the rankings and do not deserve to be french fries.

KFC’s secret recipe fries go well with the chain’s fried chicken. However, it is difficult for French fries to stand alone in the fast food world.

KFC has embarked on an innovation in french fries and is testing a new product, Funnel Cake Fries, in some of its US shops.

Funnel Cake Fries is a sweet and savoury take on the iconic French fries inspired by the funnel cake filling served at folk festivals and carnivals nationwide.

It will be available in selected shops starting 29 November 2022 and can be ordered for $1.99. The fast food chain conducted a similar test with funnel cake fries at some Kansas City shops this autumn.

A shop in Baltimore, Maryland, also had funnel cake fries on the menu in 2014, which could be ordered with Sweet & Savoury Go Cups.

The funnel fries are only available in selected shops for a limited time. Funnel Fries are available in most shops in the following areas. Greater Kansas City, Eastern Kansas, NW Arkansas, NE Omaha, Oklahoma, NE Metropolitan St Louis area, Central & Eastern Missouri.

How long this test will last is still being determined. It is, therefore, recommended that new fries are tested before stocks run out.

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