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KFC Kids Menu Prices UK 2024

KFC Kids Menu Prices In The United Kingdom For 2024.

When satisfying your child’s appetite, KFC Kids Meals will satisfy even the pickiest eaters.

Here is a fun selection of KFC Kids Meals that offer the perfect combination of taste and nutrition to make mealtime fun for children of all ages.

KFC kids menu official

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KFC Kids Menu Prices UK

MenuRegular PriceLarge Price
Mini Fillet & Dip£2.99£3.38
Popcorn Chicken£2.99£3.38
Mini Burger£2.99£3.38
1 PC Chicken£2.99£3.38

KFC Kids Meal Menu

KFC Kids Meal Menu is perfect for parents who want a healthy and tasty meal for their children.

Kids’ Meals Include:

  • Mini bucket.
  • Nuggets.
  • Popcorn chicken.
  • Ginger Jr.
  • Twister.
  • Mini Wraps.

KFC Mini Bucket

The Mini Bucket is a miniature version of the classic KFC Bucket, specially designed for children. It includes two pieces of tender, flavourful chicken, small fries and a drink. A filling meal that will satisfy your child’s appetite and give them the energy they need for active play.

KFC Nuggets.

KFC Nuggets are juicy, bite-sized pieces of chicken, available in two portion sizes and served with small fries and a drink. The nuggets provide a protein-rich option for children’s meals, while the tasty fries and drink add fun to the overall experience.

KFC Popcorn Chicken.

The Popcorn Chicken kids meal is perfect for children who prefer smaller chicken. The crispy chicken comes with small fries and a drink.

KFC Ginger Jr:

For kids who want a bit of spice, the perfectly seasoned Ginger Jr. kid’s meal packs a punch and will have your kids asking for more.

KFC Twister.

Choose between chicken fillet or popcorn chicken, served with crisp lettuce, fresh tomatoes and creamy mayo. This tasty wrap comes with small fries and a drink to give your child a balanced and delicious meal.

KFC Mini Wraps

Our Mini Wrap kids’ meal is similar to the Twister and is served with chicken fillet or popcorn chicken wrapped in lettuce, tomato and mayo. This delicious wrap is served with small fries and a drink, making it a satisfying and enjoyable meal for children.

KFC Kids Meal Menu – Prices & Calories 

Mini Bucket$5.49340 calories (with 6 pieces of chicken)
450 calories (with 9 pieces of chicken)
Nuggets$4.99170 calories (with 6 pieces)
255 calories (with 9 pieces)
Popcorn Chicken$4.99170 calories (with 6 pieces)
255 calories (with 9 pieces)
Zinger Jr.$5.99375 calories
Twister$5.99300 calories (with chicken fillet)
280 calories (with popcorn chicken)
Mini Wrap$5.49222 calories (with chicken fillet)
202 calories (with popcorn chicken)

KFC is committed to making the children’s menu a fun and interactive experience for children and their families. Here are some of their initiatives:

Children’s meal boxes

KFC’s meal boxes contain toys and activity books that children can enjoy while eating. The boxes are decorated with bright colours and pictures to engage children more.

Kids Fun Club

KFC’s Kids Fun Club is a loyalty programme for children. Kids Fun Club members can enjoy exclusive offers, birthday privileges, and fun games and activities on the KFC website.

For several reasons, offering a fun dining experience to children and their families is essential. Firstly, it allows children to try new foods and fosters a healthy relationship with food.

By making the experience more engaging and fun, children are more likely to have a positive image of eating out and trying new things.

Secondly, offering fun and interactive experiences can help create a positive atmosphere for families. Eating out is an excellent opportunity for families to spend time together and bond through shared experiences.

By offering children a more enjoyable experience, parents can relax and enjoy the meal while entertaining their children.


KFC’s efforts to make the children’s menu fun and interactive are a positive step towards creating a more enjoyable dining experience for families.

By providing engaging toys, activity books and access to fun games and activities, KFC makes the experience more enjoyable for children. It encourages them to have a positive relationship with food.

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